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Building Online Courses To Impact Fathers & Kids

Help us rewrite the stories of the children and dads who will benefit

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Help Us Reach More Fathers With Online Resources

Every person has a fatherhood story.

Some happy, some sad. For far too many kids, it is a story of feeling abandoned, neglected, unwanted, unloved or abused. For an ever-increasing number of fathers, their stories are of pain, frustration, sadness or anger.

Every child needs a father who is consistently loving, present and fully engaged in their lives. At the same time, every dad needs skills for healthy and nurturing co-parenting. Unfortunately, in our world today, one in every three kids is living without their fathers in their home. Even more tragic, nearly three in every four kids in some neighborhoods have absent fathers! Sadly, many dads who do live with their kids admit they need guidance in becoming the best fathers they can be. That is where we come in!

Please join Urban Light Ministries in rewriting their stories together. Building skilled and fully engaged dads produces stronger families and safer, more stable homes, neighborhoods and schools. Research shows children benefit by being smarter, healthier and better behaved.

Fundraiser Needs

As you know, it is wise to endeavor to encounter people where they are, just as Jesus does. As we enter the 21st century, the purpose of this campaign is to fund the development of online courses to impact dads and kids where they can be found – online, on their mobile devices.

For nearly 14 years, Urban Light Ministries has been providing onsite classes, discussion groups and workshops locally and regionally targeting fathers that want to improve their skills to become better dads. And, for more than 26 years The Sonshine Clubs after-school ministries have been serving elementary students in the Clark County, Ohio area teaching them that they always have a Heavenly Father in their lives, even if they don't have their biological father living with them. To take these programs online and to reach more fathers and children, Urban Light Ministries needs your prayers and your financial support.

The POPS 101 course is now live and includes an online course for fathers, a facilitator course for on-site programming, and a Spanish version. The course includes online curriculum, videos and hosting that costs money to develop, distribute, host and produce. Are you interested in taking a look at what has been accomplished so far? Click here to go to POPS 101 Online and enroll for free.

Up to this point, the development has come from volunteer time, expertise and in kind contributions. To continue developing online courses based on Sonshine Club programming and the Father Love book and curriculum we need additional funding. Also, the ongoing hosting and continuous improvement of online courses costs money, so to provide these resources, we need your partnership in this vital kingdom work.

Many fathers that need these resources cannot afford to pay for them, so Urban Light Ministries has been providing these courses free of charge. We would like to continue to offer these valuable resources to those in need, but need your partnership. Of course, our Bible-based children’s resources are always free to kids.

Your prayers and financial partnership are incredibly important for these endeavors. Will you please consider helping us meet this important need?

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